[Osmf-talk] Google Open Buildings now licensed ODbL

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Thu Sep 16 19:23:58 UTC 2021


Am 16.09.21 um 18:22 schrieb Mikel Maron:
> https://sites.research.google/open-buildings/#faq
> OSM can now use this data set. Very interesting change to see G support OSM directly.

Licensing it under ODbL is not sufficient to be useable for mapping. 
ODbL contains a attribution requirement which is not met by the 
attribution we require from our data users. As long as Google does not 
state something like "Adding us to wiki.osm.org/wiki/Contributors 
fulfills our attribution requirement", its data will be as useful as 
many open datasets by German authorities.

Best regards


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