[Osmf-talk] App damaging OSM data

Robert Grübler robgruebler at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 18:43:22 UTC 2021

Am Di. 21.09.2021 00:53 schrieb Simon Poole simon at poole.ch <mailto:simon at poole.ch> 


> The problem theoretically can happen on other type of routes but 

> would require loops etc. that need to be traversed in specific way 

> on a specific side of the road, and these are likely to be rather rare.


Rather rare? What is the reference value? All route types? 

I often have these cases with cycle routes.


>  … to actually do it correctly you will need to download the ways 

> for the end nodes. While this is always possible for iD …


Thank you for this information. A glimmer of hope ...




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