[osmosis-dev] Osmosis 0.44.1 Released

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Thu Jun 4 13:21:37 UTC 2015

Hi All,

I've just released Osmosis 0.44.1.

>From changes.txt:

   - Improve default settings and performance of pgsnapshot load scripts.
   - Fix remaining 64-bit id tracking problems.
   - Increase maximum way node count from 16-bit to 32-bit int.
   - Full null pointer exception in --merge-replication-files.
   - Fix javadoc errors on JDK 1.8.
   - Support spaces in installation path on Windows.
   - Set User-Agent header on all HTTP requests.
   - Support importing negative ids to apidb.
   - Fix one-off error in current way/relation loading.
   - Fix query for retrieving way nodes and relation members in pgsnapshot
   - Prevent reading duplicate way nodes in pgsnapshot module.
   - Fix deprecation warnings caused by upgrading to newer dependencies.
   - Upgrade to protobuf 2.6.0.
   - Fix replicate_osm_file.sh to return the correct exit status, not
   always -1.
   - Add scripts to build a docker image for testing database tasks.
   - Update build to download Gradle via https.
   - Fix broken console logging in replication lag reader causing a crash.
   - Update default replication URLs to match current planet server layout.
   - Add IntelliJ IDE support.

If you're wondering why there isn't a 0.44, I forgot to update changes.txt
before creating the tag.
Let me know if you see any issues.

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