[OSRM-talk] Multiple profiles

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 9 19:03:10 UTC 2014


On 07/09/2014 02:42 PM, Cédric NOËL wrote:
> We think that we can do it with different lua profiles (As for the bike
> profile we hope that motorways are skipped ;-)).

Note that there are a number of countries where cycling on motorways is
allowed and sometimes even recommended:


> ./osrm-routed map.osrm -t 1 -p 5000
> ./osrm-routed map_motorways_banned.osrm -t 1 -p 5001

Yes, this works.

> -              We do not really understand how lua profiles are managed
> / what we can change to do it

When processing data into a routing graph, the file profile.lua is used.
You can make this point to one of several pre-made profiles in the
profiles subdirectory, or simply replace it with whatever you want to use.


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