[OSRM-talk] Taking a break ...

Dennis Luxen info at project-osrm.org
Tue Apr 7 08:59:33 UTC 2015

Dear OSRM community,

This is an important day and I have three things to share with you today:

First, I am taking a break from leading the active development of Project OSRM for the time being.

Second, I wish to express my gratitude to those that supported the development effort. In no particular order I am thanking Mapbox- who will continue to support-, KIT, Geofabrik, Emil Tin and the city of Copenhagen, my friend Richard Fairhurst and many, many others that put the code to great use and contributed to its success in quite a number of ways.

Third, we have got a great community. The project is here to stay - so is the code. We, the community, will be maintaining the code base, fix bugs, while keeping our servers running, and of course adding exciting new features. All of this is happening right now. Thus, it is only my role that has become a more passive one today. And we got a great release coming up in the next days.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." --Ferris Bueller

I am excited for what lies ahead.


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