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Romain NKONGO romain.rnk49 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 09:46:28 UTC 2015

Hello to all the OSRM community.

I'm a french student who works on a university project, along with my
supervisor and uses the open source project OSRM to achieve it.

At some point, I have to run some tests (like thousands of tests) to
extract some values from the JSON outputs (e.g. the total time). Now our
problem is we tried several ways to do this, by sending HTTP GET requests
to the running server and treat the returned response as JSON. But we tried
with Javascript, jQuery and AngularJS, with functions like $resource.get,
jQuery.getJSON $http.get or $http.jsonp and we never managed to get the
returned response in a way that we could use it for further treatment in
our script. Actually, we were able to send the requests to the server but
the response is returned in the fom of an URL link which contains the JSON
output in its body, not in the form of a variable in our Javascript that we
could manipulate.

As a matter of fact, we have two issues for this :
- some of the functions we used (which are based on jsonp) added a callback
parameter to the sent URL, so the request became invalid with 'Query
malformed at the position' errors
- I've seen in the OSRM documentation that the JSON output is encoded with
the Google polyline algorithm so it could be an invalid JSON for Javascript
(we also observed errors like SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of
data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

We essentially want to use the viaroute service, so our URL is something
like that : "htttp://localhost:5000/viaroute?loc=a,b&loc=c,d" with a,b, c
and d random float numbers.

Has anyone ever tried to run some customized tests on OSRM, with any Web
language, and if so can he give me some tricks of how he succeeded to get
the JSON ouptut where he wanted?

To be clearer of how I proceeded in AngularJS, here the code of my app.js :
var app = angular.module('clientOSRM', ['ngResource']);

app.controller('appController', ['$scope','$http', 'appServices', function
($scope,$http, appServices) {
    //Initialisation de notre input, sa valeur sera stockée en instantané
dans cette variable (ng-model)
    $scope.valueInput1 = "47.3654647,0.6822917";
    $scope.valueInput2 = "47.3905003,0.6920979";

    var getItineraryParams = function () {
        return {
        start: $scope.valueInput1,
        end: $scope.valueInput2
        //start: "47.3654647,0.6822917",
        //end: "47.3905003,0.6920979"
            //start: "a,b",
            //end: "c,d"

    //Une fonction accessible que dans ce controleur (mot clé var)
    var getItinerary = function () {
            function (itinerary) {
        alert("Succes : "+typeof itinerary);
            function (error) {
        alert("erreur : "+typeof error+"; status : "+error.status);
    .success(function(data, status, headers, config) {
      error(function(data, status, headers, config) {


    //Une fonction accessible depuis la vue
    //Fonction appelée à l'envoi du formulaire (balise ng-submit dans
    $scope.submit = function () {
        //On peut récupérer la valeur de notre input !

app.run(function ($rootScope) {

    $rootScope.safeApply = function (fn) {
        var phase = $rootScope.$$phase;
        if (phase === '$apply' || phase === '$digest') {
            if (fn && (typeof(fn) === 'function')) {
        } else {


and also the appServices.js code :
app.factory('appServices', function ($resource) {

    return {
        osrm: $resource("", {}, {
            'get': {
                method: 'GET',
                params: {start: '@start', end: '@end'},
                url: "

In the getItinerary function in app.js, the error function (the 3rd
parameter) is always triggered even with a HTTP status code '200 OK' of the

Any ideas where it could go wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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