[OSRM-talk] osrm performance with multiple threads is confusing me

Peter Becker floyd.net at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 10:59:04 UTC 2015

I'm a little bit confused.

i have load the map in memory with osrm-datastore und run one instance with

"osrm-route --shared-memory=yes -t 1 -p 5000"

with only one thread, one cpu-core raise up tzo 90% and i get ~500
routes per second

if i set thread count to more then 2 or more

"osrm-route --shared-memory=yes -t 2 -p 5000"

3 cpu-cores are raise up to 30-50% usage and i only get ~333 routes per second.

so i also try run 2 instances with one core:

"osrm-route --shared-memory=yes -t 1 -p 5000"
"osrm-route --shared-memory=yes -t 1 -p 5001"

and use ngnix as load-balancer .. it dosn't make a difference to one
instance with 2 or more threads

what is wrong? with "-t 2" or 2 instances i expect that 2 cpu-cores
are at 100% and i get more routes per second as with "-t 1".

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