[OSRM-talk] Using custom data

Matthias Loeks matthias at loeks.net
Thu Oct 15 11:15:47 UTC 2015

Hi list,

I'm running a little experiment with using custom geo data for OSRM.
Following the advice of [1], I converted my data to OSM XML format, for 
now neglecting all kinds of tags/attributes etc. (this could be done later).
You can find the resulting OSM file here: 
The file can be viewed correctly using JOSM.

I also created a very basic profile: 
This profile should just contain the necessary variables read by 
osrm-extract. It should not exclude any of the OSM nodes or ways, just 
let them all pass through to the routing graph. Also, there should be no 
turn restrictions.

The processing chain (extract, prepare) runs successfully and I can also 
start the osrm-routed server.
The locate and nearest services are working fine. However, the viaroute 
service returns only a valid route, if just one segment is involved. As 
soon as there are junctions, no route can be calculated (code 207).

Can this be related to the turn restrictions? I had hoped they would be 
entirely ignored if switched off in the profile.
Or am I missing something else important in my profile or data?
Are there maybe any OSM tags which are absolutely required by OSRM 
directly, even if a fully customised profile is being used?

Any help or suggestions on this are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks and best regards,

[1] - 

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