[OSRM-talk] Distance Matrix like current "table" - commission

Daniel Patterson daniel at mapbox.com
Tue Jan 5 04:01:01 UTC 2016


  Fundamentally, OSRM calculates fastest time routing, not shortest

  There are a couple of ways to approach a distance-based table:

  1) return the corresponding distances for the fastest routes currently
returned. Depending on road speeds, the distances may not be the shortest.
This would require code changes.

  2) route based on distance.  You can do this right now, after a fashion.
If you set all roads to the same speed, you'll get route results that are
shortest distance equivalent, and the table will contain values that are
distance equivalent.  Just modify they car and set all road speeds to
3.6km/h and all turn penalties to 0.  You'll also want to remove the 0.8
scaling factor.  If you do this right, values in the table should be in

I doubt we'd ever support both shortest distance and fastest time inn the
same profile.

On Jan 4, 2016 7:58 AM, "Alan Grover" <agrover at c2logix.com> wrote:

> We need the distance matrix in addition to the time-matrix. I'm using
> viaroute (I set geometry to false), and it is orders of magnitude
> slower, which I'm sure is no surprise.
> (We've been using the "table" service and are frankly excited at how
> fast it is, even for large matrices of 1500+. Thanks!)
> We'd be interested in commissioning the distance-matrix (combined with
> time-matrix or not, though it seems more efficient to do it at the same
> time).
> Anyone able and interested? We'd like it quite soon.
> I have tried to contact MapBox and Patrick Niklaus, but I'm sure the
> Holidays have interfered.
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