[OSRM-talk] Distance Matrix like current "table" - commission

Alan Grover agrover at c2logix.com
Tue Jan 5 18:09:09 UTC 2016

On 01/04/2016 11:01 PM, Daniel Patterson wrote:
> Alan,
>   Fundamentally, OSRM calculates fastest time routing, not shortest
> distance.
>   There are a couple of ways to approach a distance-based table:
>   1) return the corresponding distances for the fastest routes currently
> returned. Depending on road speeds, the distances may not be the
> shortest.  This would require code changes.

This would be fine. We need the distance values that correspond to the

>   2) route based on distance.  You can do this right now, after a
> fashion.  If you set all roads to the same speed, you'll get route
> results that are shortest distance equivalent, and the table will
> contain values that are distance equivalent.  Just modify they car and
> set all road speeds to 3.6km/h and all turn penalties to 0.  You'll also
> want to remove the 0.8 scaling factor.  If you do this right, values in
> the table should be in metres.

Interesting hack!

> I doubt we'd ever support both shortest distance and fastest time inn
> the same profile.
> daniel
> On Jan 4, 2016 7:58 AM, "Alan Grover" <agrover at c2logix.com
> <mailto:agrover at c2logix.com>> wrote:
>     We need the distance matrix in addition to the time-matrix. I'm using
>     viaroute (I set geometry to false), and it is orders of magnitude
>     slower, which I'm sure is no surprise.
>     (We've been using the "table" service and are frankly excited at how
>     fast it is, even for large matrices of 1500+. Thanks!)
>     We'd be interested in commissioning the distance-matrix (combined with
>     time-matrix or not, though it seems more efficient to do it at the same
>     time).
>     Anyone able and interested? We'd like it quite soon.
>     I have tried to contact MapBox and Patrick Niklaus, but I'm sure the
>     Holidays have interfered.
>     --
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Alan Grover
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