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Daniel Hofmann hofmann at mapbox.com
Mon Jan 11 09:31:06 UTC 2016

You just reached the sad state of good C++ tooling.
I think the most popular choice around here is neovim / vim potentially
with plugins like YouCompleteMe, clang-format, and so on.
If you really have to use an IDE I would give JetBrains' CLion a try or
just use QtCreator.

We found that tooling is difficult in practice in cases like osrm-backend's
templates that often have a templated DataFacadeT type.
There is no possible way for tools to help you e.g. with autocomplete if
the type is not yet specified.

Here are a few tricks that should make development easier, despite of
having no ide:

- install ccache: cmake will automatically pick it up; immensely speeds up
incremental builds
- use ninja by means of cmake -G Ninja as a make replacement; speeds up
incremental builds
- use inotifytools: recursively watch modify events for *.cc *.h,
automatically triggering a build as soon as you save a file
- use clang for faster compile and link times: requires you to also build
all dependencies locally with clang first


On Sun, Jan 10, 2016 at 10:05 PM, Francis Giraldeau <
francis.giraldeau at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello! I wonder what is the recommended IDE for osrm-backend? I usually
> use Eclipse and QtCreator, but I had issues with both of them.
> I tried to generate project file for Eclipse (mars) using CMake like this:
> cd osrm-backend/build/
> cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../
> However, the sources are not imported at all (only executables under the
> build directory). I tried to create the project manually, but c++11 is not
> supported by default, and this is cumbersome to tweak.
> Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Maybe this could be added to the
> wiki afterwards.
> Thanks!
> Francis
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