[OSRM-talk] edge weights different than time

Christian Helbling helbling at search.ch
Tue Mar 8 18:05:54 UTC 2016


I'm about to write a bicycle route planner and I'd like to use OSRM for that.
However, there are some things I don't understand yet.

>From what I read in the code and documentation it seems that OSRM optimizes by speed/time only.
What I would like to do in my config is to have a penalty on big roads but still have a normal
speed there when it is used anyway (for lack of alternative).

Is such a config possible?
And if so, how would I do that?

If it's not, then i'm tempted to run OSRM with fake speeds representing the actual speeds plus penalties.
Then when I got the result I would go through the result and recalculate the actual time needed.
For that I would need to have access to some properties (road type, elevation data, ..) when I get the result.
Is it possible to pipe additional data through OSRM?

Elevation data would be interesting in particular as I need that to draw an elevation profile anyway.

Thanks in advance

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