[OSRM-talk] Debugging map

Daniel Patterson daniel at mapbox.com
Wed Mar 16 21:42:11 UTC 2016

Hi all,

  A little while ago, we added a vector tile plugin to OSRM.  Why?  So you can see the road network that OSRM has in memory :-)

  Today, I've added a viewer for these tiles to the front-end for the demo server at:

    http://map.project-osrm.org/debug/ <http://map.project-osrm.org/debug/>

  The colored roads are what OSRM is routing on with the car profile.  Speed values are attached to edges, and roads are colored according to travel speeds.  The dark background is OSM.


    - tiles are only generated to Z12, so if you zoom out too far, you'll just get the background map.
    - if you zoom in too far, there's a geometry clipping bug, so some lines might go to crazy places.  Just zoom out a bit.
    - small component identification doesn't seem to be working

  Feedback on usefulness would be appreciated.

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