[OSRM-talk] edge weights different than time

Christian Helbling helbling at search.ch
Thu Mar 17 14:57:53 UTC 2016

Hi Daniel, Hi List

On 08.03.2016 19:15, Daniel Patterson wrote:
> Hi Christian,
>   One the oldest tickets:  
>     https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/issues/77
>   is all about this.  Your observation is correct, there is currently no separation
>   between durations and "routing weight".  We've been discussing implementing
>   this recently (at Mapbox), but no definite plans yet.  It will increase the
>   memory usage.
Would be really cool to have this at least as a build option.
As we don't operate on planet-scale, memory is not that important.

>   If you take your second option, you can consider encoding the extra metadata
>   you need in the "name" attribute, and split it out again when you receive your
>   route results.  Note that OSRM emits a turn instruction every time the "name" changes,
>   so you'd need to cater for that if you're displaying turn-by-turn instructions to users.

Well this might be a hacky solution for storing some duration to routing-factor.
However, when I want to push elevation data through for some elevation profile, this seems to be the wrong

I tried adding 'int ele' to QueryNode and FixedPointCoordinate.
After some hacking around it seemd to work, except I got "Restriction references invalid node/way" warnings.
Is there some bit-magic going on there?
Also I think that this additional int might end up in all kinds of data-structures where it's not needed at all.
In principle, additional per-node data should just be stored somewhere during extraction, and retreived by node-id
after the algorithm ran.

Are there any forks around that already save additional data per node and per way?
Or is there an easy way to add that (I don't mind writing some C++)?

Another question:
Is there a way to get to the coordinates in way_function?
This could be used for less frequent elevation queries (for example only once every 10m).


>> On Mar 8, 2016, at 10:05 AM, Christian Helbling <helbling at search.ch <mailto:helbling at search.ch>> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm about to write a bicycle route planner and I'd like to use OSRM for that.
>> However, there are some things I don't understand yet.
>> From what I read in the code and documentation it seems that OSRM optimizes by speed/time only.
>> What I would like to do in my config is to have a penalty on big roads but still have a normal
>> speed there when it is used anyway (for lack of alternative).
>> Is such a config possible?
>> And if so, how would I do that?
>> If it's not, then i'm tempted to run OSRM with fake speeds representing the actual speeds plus penalties.
>> Then when I got the result I would go through the result and recalculate the actual time needed.
>> For that I would need to have access to some properties (road type, elevation data, ..) when I get the result.
>> Is it possible to pipe additional data through OSRM?
>> Elevation data would be interesting in particular as I need that to draw an elevation profile anyway.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Christian
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