[OSRM-talk] One request, 2 answers

Didier Doumerc doumerc.d at adimep.com
Mon Mar 21 10:30:57 UTC 2016


Here is my first message on this mailinglist.

Some time, I get very different distances, depending of the server to witch I send the request.

Example : 379 Km vs 503 Km. The right one is 379 km.


Answer : [...] total_distance":379125,"total_time":14284,"end_point":"Place du Village","start_point":"Rue Taufflieb (D 35)"},[...]

When I ask my own server :,7.449348&loc=46.117948,6.359105&instructions=false&geometry=false

Answer : [...]end_point":"Place du Village","start_point":"Rue Taufflieb (D 35)","total_time":17081,"total_distance":503559}[...]

Can someone tell me how to fix this ?


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