[OSRM-talk] The future of Windows support

Daniel Patterson daniel at mapbox.com
Wed May 4 16:21:24 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

  This email is a call for a maintainer for our Windows builds.  As none of
the core team are Windows users (neither work nor play), it's an ongoing
struggle to keep it working.  When our Appveyor Windows builds break, none
of us really have the time nor the tools to debug problems.

  If there is someone out there in the community that's interested in
keeping Windows support alive, and has the time to keep it going, please
speak up!

  We know there are Windows users out there, but it's hard for the core
team to spend much time on that platform when we don't have any immediate
need for it.

  If we can't find someone to take ownership of this role, then we will
have to consider dropping any pretence of Windows support in the future.
It's certainly possible to keep it, if someone is willing to step up and do
the work, but at the moment, we don't really have anyone that can do that.

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