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Mark Hagers mark at marksman-do.nl
Tue Nov 1 09:58:45 UTC 2016

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your response.

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> Mark,
> I was able to process and run netherland latest using latest build on my
> windows box (Windows 10 build 14393.351).  Only thing I can recommend is to
> make sure:
> 1. You have vc++ 2015 redist update 3 install.

is installed

> 2. You have c:\temp\ directory.  (This is the default of .stxxl.txt, you
> can change this to whatever folder you want by editing that file.)

I have this setup:
	(contents of the osrm_Release.zip file are unpacked into this dir)


I edited the file .stxxl.txt contents to this:


> 3. Run osrm-extract.exe -p car.lua netherland-latest.osm.pbf

I open a command line (a regular windows cmd window) on d:\osrm-data\:
When I run this from the cmd:
..\osrm\osrm-extract.exe -p ..\osrm\foot.lua .\netherlands-latest.osm.pbf

It starts processing with the following output:

[info] Using script ..\osrm\foot.lua←[0m
[info] Input file: netherlands-latest.osm.pbf←[0m
[info] Profile: foot.lua←[0m
[info] Threads: 4←[0m
[STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.4.99 (prerelease/Release) (git 78dd7ec6e72d7d6ef1209e594fc08e3759af5099) + gnu parallel(__GLIBCXX__)
[STXXL-ERRMSG] Warning: no config file found.
[STXXL-ERRMSG] Using default disk configuration.
[STXXL-MSG] Disk 'C:\Users\mark\AppData\Local\Temp\6\stxxl.tmp' is allocated, space: 1000 MiB, I/O implementation: wincall delete_on_exit queue=0 devid=0
[info] Parsing in progress..←[0m
[info] input file generated by Osmium (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmium)←[0m
[info] timestamp: 2016-10-31T20:28:03Z←[0m

After the above it logs out of memory errors repeatedly.

As you can see in the output, the .stxxl file is apparently not read by STXXL.
The configured dir remains empty, but the temp file seems to be created on disk c (the default?) which has insufficient disk space, no doubt causing the out of memory issues.

> 4. Run osrm-contract.exe netherland-latest.osrm
> 5. Run osrm-routed.exe netherland-latest.osrm

Never got that far yet.

•	What do I need to do to let STXXL obey the .stxxl config file? 
•	Does it need to be in a different location?
•	Is there a command line parameter to have this file read properly?
•	Do I need to rearrange the locations of the other files?

Thanks for your help!

best regards,
Mark Hagers <mark at marksman-do.nl>

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