[OSRM-talk] Working with profiles and routes

Pedro Luiz Cumino pedro.cumino at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:19:39 UTC 2016

Hi all,
I'm new in here.

I'm trying to use the different lua profiles given by the project.
Before running the project I used the following commands inside the
'/build' directory in order to build the engine itself:

   - osrm-extract -p ../profiles/foot.lua bremen-latest.osm.pbf
   - osrm-contract bremen-latest.osrm
   - osrm-routed bremen-latest.osrm

At first, I made two requests with the same starting point and destination
as shown below.


However, the results given were exactly the same. Both JSON objects I
received showed the same duration. I didn't change any profile yet. But I
checked that there are different speeds. So there must be a difference at
least in the route duration.

Subsequently, after trying all the possible profiles, I realised that even
if I request using a random string value, the result will always be the

Even so, I tried to use the original project server in order to compare
with the results given by the local server installed. The request URLs were:


In this case, both results were totally different. Even if I change the
profile from 'foot' to 'driving', the result doesn't change. The result
from the local server shows me 0 for both duration and distance. It also
returns the string "{highway:cycleway}" as the name of all waypoints.

The requests were all made by the browser.
Am I missing something at the building procedure or during the requests?

Kind regards,

Pedro Luiz Cumino.
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