[OSRM-talk] Released OSRM 5.14.1

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Fri Dec 1 15:15:26 UTC 2017


this release features an extended support for left-hand driving,
binaries for node 8.x and various bug fixes. You find the changelog

  - Changes from 5.14.0
    - Bugfixes:
      - FIXED: don't use removed alternative candidates in

  - Changes from 5.13
    - API:
      - ADDED: new RouteStep property `driving_side` that has either
"left" or "right" for that step
    - Misc:
      - ADDED: Bundles a rough (please improve!) driving-side GeoJSON
file for use with `osrm-extract --location-dependent-data
      - CHANGED: Conditional turn parsing is disabled by default now
      - ADDED: Adds a tool to analyze turn instruction generation in a
dataset.  Useful for tracking turn-by-turn heuristic changes over
      - CHANGED: Internal refactoring of guidance code as a first step
towards a re-runnable guidance pipeline
      - ADDED: Now publishing Node 8.x LTS binary modules
    - Profile:
      - CHANGED: Remove dependency on turn types and turn modifier in
the process_turn function in the `car.lua` profile. Guidance
instruction types are not used to influence turn penalty anymore so
this will break backward compatibility between profile version 3 and
    - Guidance:
      - ADDED: New internal flag on "segregated intersections" - in
the future, will should allow collapsing of instructions across
complex intersection geometry where humans only perceive a single
      - CHANGED: Decrease roundabout turn radius threshold from 25m to
15m - adds some "exit the roundabout" instructions for moderately
sized roundabouts that were being missed previously
    - Docker:
      - CHANGED: switch to alpine 3.6, and use a multistage build to
reduce image size
    - Build:
      - FIX: use LUA_LIBRARY_DIRS to propertly detect Lua on all platforms
    - Docs:
      - FIX: clarify description of roundabout exit instructions
    - Bugfixes:
      - FIXED: Fix bug where merge instructions got the wrong
direction modifier #4670
      - FIXED: Properly use the `profile.properties.left_hand_driving`
property, there was a typo that meant it had no effect
      - FIXED: undefined behaviour when alternative candidate via node
is same as source node #4691
      - FIXED: ensure libosrm.pc is pushed to the correct location for
pkgconfig to find it on all platforms
      - FIXED: don't consider empty names + empty refs as a valid name
for u-turns


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