[OSRM-talk] Released OSRM 5.12

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Wed Oct 4 17:43:52 UTC 2017


This release announcement comes a little late, sorry for that!

This release brings some exciting new changes. On the guidance front
we now emit additional `exit roundabout` and `exit rotary`
instructions for roundabouts.
There is now an option to exclude certain road classes **at runtime**
using the `exclude=` HTTP/Node option. By default we support
`exclude=motorway`, `exclude=toll` and `exclude=ferry` in the
`car.lua` profile. Keep in mind that each additional exclude
combination impact the pre-processing and memory usage. This option is
available both for CH and MLD.

Full changelog:

- Guidance
  - now announcing turning onto oneways at the end of a road (e.g.
onto dual carriageways)
  - Adds new instruction types at the exit of roundabouts and rotaries
`exit roundabout` and `exit rotary`.
  - New query parameter for route/table/match/trip plugings:
    `exclude=` that can be used to exclude certain classes (e.g.
exclude=motorway, exclude=toll).
    This is configurable in the profile.
- NodeJS:
  - New query option `exclude` for the route/table/match/trip plugins.
(e.g. `exclude: ["motorway", "toll"]`)
- Profile:
  - New property for profile table: `excludable` that can be used to
configure which classes are excludable at query time.
  - New optional property for profile table: `classes` that allows you
to specify which classes you expect to be used.
    We recommend this for better error messages around classes,
otherwise the possible class names are infered automatically.
- Traffic:
  - If traffic data files contain an empty 4th column, they will
update edge durations but not modify the edge weight.  This is useful
    updating ETAs returned, without changing route selection (for
example, in a distance-based profile with traffic data loaded).
- Infrastructure:
  - New file `.osrm.cell_metrics` created by `osrm-customize`.
- Debug tiles:
  - Added new properties `type` and `modifier` to `turns` layer,
useful for viewing guidance calculated turn types on the map

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