[OSRM-talk] OSRM trip service (TSP) limitation

Sasha Khapyorsky sashakh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 14:17:24 UTC 2017

Hi Guys,

I've tried to use OSRM recently. Great stuff!

When using OSRM trip service, I've figured out that this call is
limited by option combintions:

rountrip=true&* or roundtrip=false&source=first&destination=last

And rest combinations (such as
roundtrip=false&source=first&destination=any , which I'm looking for)
marked as not implemented.

Do you have any idea about when such implementation is planned?

I'm very new with osrm-backend code (yet), but after commenting out
this limitation and using roundtrip=false&source=first&destination=any
options OSRM provides the similar and valid paths (at least in couple
of tests, didn't check it in deep yet).

Any ideas, suggestions?

Many Thanks,

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