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Hi Carlos

For routing.openstreetmap.de (the one used on osm.org), it takes about
3-4 days to calculate all the graphs (car, bike and foot, worldwide).
The timestamps can be found here

For understanding why a route does not work, I would recommend to have a
look at the debug view
https://routing.openstreetmap.de/debug/car.html#12/4.4794/-75.5224 the
pink highlights are showing routing islands, meaning the router detected
that it can't get to those streets from the rest of the network.

Another strategy is to drag around the start or end marker to see at
which point the routing is hitting an "obstacle", usually some error in
the tagging or an unconnected road.


On 02.10.20 21:12, Carlos García wrote:
> Dear Maarten.
> I appreciate that you have reviewed this topic. I have checked and
> still, OSRM routes the wrong way. Once the change is made in Open Street
> Maps, how long does it take to be reflected in OSRM?
> Thank you in advance for the help you can give me.
> Best regards.
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> Hi Carlos,
>> In the past days a new tunnel was opened in Colombia "El Tunel de la
>> linea", which allows to go in one way and the mountain must be crossed
>> from the other direction; This tunnel is located between the cities
>> Calarcá and Cajamarca.
>> OSRM does not allow routing through the most important tunnel in the
>> country and avoids it by an infrequent path to the north.
>>  Could you please solve this so that the route goes through "El Tunel
>> de la linea".
> When you take the graphhopper routing, it does use the tunnels. The only
> thing not 100% correct I could find is that a lot of roads still have
> construction=trunk on them (as well as highway=trunk). If it is still
> under construction you use highway=construction+construction=trunk, when
> the road opens you have to remove the construction=trunk. Maybe OSRM
> gets put off by that?
> I've removed construction=trunk from all roads that have highway=trunk.
> See if that solves it.
> Regards,
> Maarten
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