[Potlatch-dev] Memorising Tags and the '/' button

Philip Shipley phil at barby.net
Fri May 22 21:42:11 BST 2009

Hi me again,
1. The ability to memorise tags is a fantastic feature and really speeds up
my editing.  I tried adding a relation that I use a lot and whilst it says
that the combination is saved, when I recall the relation is not included.
It would be really nice if relations were also saved.

2. The help for the '/' key says 'Select another way sharing this point'. I
figured this would be really useful way of identifying if I have duplicate
ways stacked on top of one another.  But I can't seem to figure out how it
should work.  As a test I pick a node where 2 ways join (a nice big red box
- thank you for that change as well) - one way is highlighted - pressing '/'
does bugger all as far as I tell.


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