[Potlatch-dev] Potlatch 2.3

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Sep 30 18:29:17 BST 2011

New version is now in my github and will hopefully be on osm.org before 
too long.


Major changes for users:

* Potlatch 2 now requires Flash Player 10.
* The Simple tag editor has been rearranged: fewer tabs, tabs have icons.

Major changes for people running custom instances:

* Simple tag editor changes as above. Icons are currently hard-coded, 
but that'll change.
* Inputs can now be assigned to a subcategory as well as a category. 
This renders as a disclosure panel within a category. This is a great 
place to put lesser-used tags without cluttering up the UI.
* You can now group images by supplying a .zip file, so that P2 doesn't 
ask for eight billion images on every load. To use, supply a Flash 
parameter with the location of the zips and the place they're 
"substituting" for, like this:
	args["assets"] = 

Major changes for developers:

* You now need Flex 4.5.x to build 

And lots of little stuff. Please note that the translation 
infrastructure is still a work-in-progress and moving to Flex 4 throws 
up some new challenges here

Thanks to Andy for huge amounts of work on this.


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