[OpenStreetMap] #4155: Add OSM History Viewer link to web frontend

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Thu Dec 22 15:02:32 GMT 2011

#4155: Add OSM History Viewer link to web frontend
  Reporter:  Kozuch       |       Owner:  rails-dev@…                
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed                     
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:                             
 Component:  website      |     Version:                             
Resolution:  wontfix      |    Keywords:                             

Comment(by TomH):

 Why do you think openstreetmap.de is part of the main site? It isn't. I
 let them use our bug tracker as I let many other OSM related projects use
 it if they ask.

 Broadly speaking anything hosted on our hardware will have an
 openstreetmap.org name, though there are a few openstreetmap.org things
 that are hosted on third party hardware.

 FWIW I did try your tool and all I got, even with a small changeset, was
 java timeout errors.

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