[OpenStreetMap] #4155: Add OSM History Viewer link to web frontend

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Thu Dec 22 17:10:46 GMT 2011

#4155: Add OSM History Viewer link to web frontend
  Reporter:  Kozuch       |       Owner:  rails-dev@…                
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed                     
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 Component:  website      |     Version:                             
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Comment(by Kozuch):

 Ehm, interesting reading, but a bit out of context I think. Why should you
 bless this particular tool? Because it is the only one providing (IMHO)
 nice graphical visualization of a changeset. At least the only one I could

 Dont want to link outside? Why? You will rather not provide any too at
 all... This is not a development, this is a decay... if you really can not
 change your mind let us host OSMHV at osm.org.

 I use the tool without any problems. I did not try a very havy changeset
 but normal things work for me.

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