Hello list and can I help?!

Maximilian Schulz m.schulz at kulturfluss.de
Tue Nov 8 23:45:14 GMT 2011

Hi everyone,

I just wanna say hello and check with you guys if there is some work
on the rails front end where you could need some help. While browsing
the site I saw some things which (I think) could need some work. And
so I wanna check if I could be of assistance.

When it comes to OSM, I am a real newbie. I created an account more
than two years ago, but never really used the site, as GPS / street
data was not that good for my home town (and I do not have a GPS
device). But things have improved a lot, and I really enjoyed adding
meta data to the existing objects. Therefore, I would love to help the
project and community.

While searching for information about the project and the development
process I came across various sources of ideas, features and bugs and
I am not quite sure who is responsible for the dev process or what
features are most important. So before doing stuff which wont have a
chance of being used, I first want to check with you guys.

As I am not yet that familiar with the code base, I would love to try
some easy stuff first. I thought the diaries and private messages
could need some love. I guess some styling and padding would be a good
first step to learn about the views, controllers and routing. What do
you think about that? Or is there already something in the pipeline?

And from what I have read, there is a rails3 branch. I have not yet
checked that, but should I base my work on that or should I start
working with the rails 2.3.* branch?


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