[OpenStreetMap] #4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes

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Mon Nov 14 00:42:19 GMT 2011

#4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes
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Comment(by Polyglot):

 Replying to [comment:12 Richard]:
 > Blackmail. Awesome!

 I can try to herd/convince people to start using JOSM or even Merkaartor,
 but there will always be contributors who want to change something quickly
 (myself included when on a different computer) or who simply can't make
 the transition. It's not a very small step, I realise that. So there will
 always be people who will work on those route relations with Potlatch and
 they are stuck with looking at meaningless large integer numbers. And it
 will usually be the people who can use all the help they can get, since
 they may just have started out on OSM.

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