[OpenStreetMap] #4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes

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Mon Nov 14 00:48:26 GMT 2011

#4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes
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Comment(by Polyglot):

 I don't consider this blackmail. Denouncing is the term I'd had chosen :-)

 Sorry to keep stirring in this. Of course, instead of simply falling back
 to showing the note tag, when no name is available, you could try to
 implement what jttt (Jiri from Slowakia) implemented very recently in
 JOSM. The ability to cherrypick what tags the displayed names are composed
 of, but where to give people a chance to configure that, might be tricky.
 I wouldn't know, I use Potlatch only very occasionally anymore, but I do
 think it's important that it exists for newcomers and for people wanting
 to edit when away from their own computers or computers they aren't
 allowed to install SW on.

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