[OpenStreetMap] #4107: API prevents me from downloading small areas with JOSM

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Fri Nov 25 20:15:44 GMT 2011

#4107: API prevents me from downloading small areas with JOSM
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 When I have edited large areas with Potlatch in the morning, I can't
 download even small areas with JOSM in the evening, because error code 509
 appears: You have downloaded too much data.

 Even if punishing me for editing large areas with Potlatch would be
 morally justified, it doesn't make sense to prevent me automatically from
 editing small areas with JOSM. Instead, it would make sense to reduce the
 maximum size of an area that can be edited with Potlatch.

 JOSM requires to download many small ways by Strg+Ctrl+W instead of whole
 large areas like in Potlatch. I would be happy if the automatic blocker
 would act consistently and transparently.

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