[OpenStreetMap] #4107: API prevents me from downloading small areas with JOSM

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Fri Nov 25 20:53:14 GMT 2011

#4107: API prevents me from downloading small areas with JOSM
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Changes (by TomH):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix


 The blocker is completely and utterly consistent.

 It does not know, or care, what application you are using.

 The only thing it considers is how many bytes you have downloaded via the
 map call and the period of time in which you have downloaded them. As you
 download your "score" increase and then it decays away as time passes. If
 it exceeds the set threshold you are blocked until enough time passes for
 it to decay.

 We are not, and will not be, treating JOSM, or Potlatch or any other
 client, specially.

 I would also say that the blocker is not an attempt to punish anybody, it
 is a way to share limited resources fairly among everybody.

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