[openstreetmap-website] User page (#23)

Steve Singer steve at ssinger.info
Sun Mar 11 03:41:55 GMT 2012

On Sat, 10 Mar 2012, Tom Hughes wrote:

> Before I start doing a technical review of this, what do people think of the 
> general design of it and the direction it's going in?

+1 on the general direction of the page.

I've taken a look at an instances running the changes and I think the layout 
is an improvement over the existing layout.

I approve of moving the 'nearby users' off the main user landing page. My 
page (like most people) is filled with a list of people who mostly haven't 
edited in 2-3 years.  Reworking the find friends page to be more useful is a 
project worth doing but I think it is fair to move the current version off 
the landing page.

A few things that Andrew might want to think about in the next iterations

Do we want an  'upload trace' link next to/under the 'new diary' link? Does 
moving the 'traces' link to the bottom make uploading a trace hard to find?

Should trace uploads be included in the recent activity stream? (I think 
so). The UI implies they are.


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