[OpenStreetMap] #4408: The ability to link diretly to search results

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#4408: The ability to link diretly to search results
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Comment(by baditaflorin):

 But this sucks, the same as the fact that we don`t have checkable POI-s .
 Because we have all this good data, but we don`t have the website still
 that uses all of the data.

 Imagine the simplest scenery.

 I want somebody to find and use OSM instead of google.
 That is my porpoise, so that we search one time, second time, etc on osm.
 And then, when he will not find something, he will add it to the map.

 But i don`t have this cool website that allow me to copy an query, to have
 clickable POI-s.

 I have a website that shows only poi`s that are open at this hour,
 querying onening_hours tag.

 I have another website that haves clickable POI`s

 I have the third that haves x.etc

 The fourth website that allow me to add a Pin on the map.

 The fifth that allow me To make a route and save.

 Ok, so i don`t have osm.org to use, but i don`t have this almighty cool
 website that does all of this thing in one.  So that OSM remain OSM. But
 in the same time there is a cool website, that uses OSM data and is way
 better then Google Maps.

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