[OpenStreetMap] #4408: The ability to link diretly to search results

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#4408: The ability to link diretly to search results
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 I understand that it would be nice to have a web site that does all these
 things; but OpenStreetMap is mainly a data collection project and not an
 "almighty cool website" project. You are, therefore, talking about a
 different project - not about OSM but about the "almighty cool web site
 that uses OSM data".

 Running such a web site does bring with it a number of challenges of
 course; you would want to offer many convenience options that are far
 beyond what OSM is doing, like a "my maps" feature where users can
 scribble onto the map and pass the link on to friends, routing of course,
 you'd probably also want aerial imagery and all the other bells and
 whistles that are required to compete as a map portal today.

 I encourage you to build such a web site but it won't be easy, and as I
 said, it is certainly not an "enhancement to OSM", but a different

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