[openstreetmap-website] Filtering the output of the `map` API endpoint (#124)

Matt Amos notifications at github.com
Thu Oct 11 23:51:04 GMT 2012

@tmcw You say unsynchronised, I say loosely coupled ;-)

It's eminently doable - in fact many people already do download jXAPI data, load it into JOSM, edit it and upload it (generally for the purposes of mass automated editing - which I'm very much not in favour of, but on a technical level it's already happening). There's a small lag between jXAPI and the main API which is on the order of minutes, but recent work by Brett means that could come down to seconds. 

In any case, the lag associated with data resting in the user's device / desktop is often greater than the lag between jXAPI and the main API. Even when that's not the case, the optimistic locking of the API allows the editor to detect these conflicts and prompt the user to reconcile them.

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