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Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Fri Oct 12 00:46:51 GMT 2012

This is the problem that Potlatch 2 faces for its history dialog, and indeed it fires off a bunch of node history requests to achieve the goal. Potlatch 1 has/had its own api as part of the AMF controller to acheive the result so didn't require N calls, but instead relied on the server doing more work.

In general expensive calls in the core API are avoided if there is a different approach that can be scaled decentrally - generally routes involving minutely replication and onto second-tier services like JXAPI. These history-of-way calls could be fulfilled using JXAPI (or whatever service is appropriate) but perhaps it's instructive that p2 queries the main API directly.

So rather than adding expensive non-critical calls to the core API, is there a mechanism to use decentralised services? What would be the current barriers against using decentralised responses? For a history call I don't think replication delay would be a problem, but I can see service reliability, and the lack of full-history-storing services being the main ones.

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