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Fri Oct 12 00:55:47 GMT 2012

There seem to be two issues here- first being the need for this call, and second being a question of infrastructure.

As Andy point out, this call is makable via AMF today, and doing it today the "official way" is even more expensive, as it requires even more calls, and that means more serialization, and more wall time, and Andy presents a second use case (one that is already in use).

Now to the question of "editing API" vs "history API"- for my purposes, an up to date history server is fine- since Changemonger by default already makes individual object requests off an XAPI server in order to reduce the number of calls to the main API server.

But there is no "history server", and thus no "history server api". If there were a history server, I'd agree that all history calls, including this one, should go to the history server, but the website provides /history calls, so this is just an extension of the existing calls.

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