[openstreetmap-website] Port to Leaflet (#121)

John Firebaugh notifications at github.com
Tue Oct 16 01:32:01 BST 2012

Thanks to @mourner and @danzel for being responsive with the leaflet fixes. It looks like we have a lead on a workaround for the FF grid artifact.

Remaining TODO items:

* Test performance of data browser, see if we can simply remove the feature limit. Leaflet should be better performing as it does line simplification and IIRC OpenLayers does not.
* Port the custom Pan/Zoom control and layer switcher. @tmcw mentioned he thought he could do this fairly quickly. I think we should keep existing controls unchanged for now. Discussions about dropping the pan control or using the default layer switcher can happen separately. (Interesting aside: at SOTMUS one of the speakers related an anecdote of a user who did not know how to pan the map by dragging, but did figure out how to do so using the pan control.)

Anything else?

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