[openstreetmap-website] Port to Leaflet (#121)

Vladimir Agafonkin notifications at github.com
Wed Oct 17 09:37:25 BST 2012

Regarding vector performance testing, I'm not sure if vector simplification will improve things much as the type of data on close zoom (mostly lots of buildings) doesn't provide any room for simplification. But try tweaking it like this:

1. `L.Path.CLIP_PADDING = <number>` — sets the padding around screen view for vectors (it's 0.5 — half of the screen — for modern browsers), you can try setting lower values to improve performance (less features to render).
2. `L_PREFER_CANVAS = true` global switch before including Leaflet makes it prefer Canvas over SVG for rendering in modern browsers, it may increase performance in case of lots of features.

Looking forward to see the testing results!

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