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Wed Oct 17 16:45:31 GMT 2012

On 10/17/2012 10:18 AM, Andy Allan wrote:
>>    * Whether to allow anonymous users
> Can I suggest "no" to this, and revisit it later? If it turns out that
> the 95th percentile of recorded bugs don't get actioned or commented
> on, then it might take quite some time, organization and rethinking to
> get it to a state where we expose it to general passers by?
> Alternatively, of course, we could just make it open to anonymous
> users from the start, and fix it / yank it if it turns into a bad user
> experience.

Frederik posted to talk-de a mention about the recent work on the notes 
branch [1]. After mentioning the possibility that one might need to 
login to post notes, the majority of responses were in favor of allowing 
anonymous users, given that the ease is one of the key points of using a 
notes based system rather than just editing the data directly.

I kind of agree with that anonymous notes would be rather desirable, 
however, I am worried that an open API on a site like would just 
be swamped with spam if there isn't a protection.

The metric of 95th percentile not getting actioned upon is imho probably 
the wrong metric. Those who comment on and fix note are the people who 
have an OSM account already, so it wouldn't be a hurdle for them. 
However, it might be a too high hurdle to ask people to sign up to yet 
another account just to tell one that e.g. there is a post box missing 
at the corner.

Other issues / suggestions mentioned in the thread were as follows, some 
of which were already mentioned in this thread:

- The new note marker has low contrast and can be difficult to spot on 
light backgrounds (depending on your monitor)
- People seem to prefere the "click to position the note" rather than 
the note pops up in the middle of the screen and you then drag it.
- As mentioned before, the "Close" is confusing
- It seems people are in favour of importing the existing OSB database.

But overall, there didn't seem any major objections or issues reported.



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