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Andy Allan gravitystorm at
Wed Oct 17 17:20:45 GMT 2012

On 17 October 2012 17:45, Kai Krueger <kakrueger at> wrote:

> The metric of 95th percentile not getting actioned upon is imho probably the
> wrong metric. Those who comment on and fix note are the people who have an
> OSM account already, so it wouldn't be a hurdle for them.

Ah, I didn't mean quite that. For example, even if it's just
registered users reporting issues, I can easily see that outstripping
our ability to respond to them. The skobbler bugs, with its
ever-increasing gap between bugs reported and bugs fixed, showed a
similar problem. I'd be interested to know what the pattern of
opened/commented/closed on the existing OSB instances is like,
especially the breakdown of statuses grouped by (say) 3 month cohorts.

What I'm concerned about is if we launch this completely publicly, and
find 10,000 new notes being added per day, it might take a year or two
to scale the community response and get mappers used to the influx.
And if we can't cope with the influx, we might earn a poor reputation
("I've logged 100 reports with OSM and not a single one is fixed after
6 months" or similar).

On the other hand, perhaps we should just go with it and see what
happens, rather than worrying too much.


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