[openstreetmap-website] Site cleanup (#150)

Saman Bemel-Benrud notifications at github.com
Tue Oct 30 21:25:53 GMT 2012

So, upon further thinking, I've decided that splitting `#content` into `.content-heading` and `.content-body` is a very good idea. This should happen on every page. I had converted a handful of views to this pattern by hand, but I believe this is not the right approach. A more maintainable way to do this would be to built it into the application logic. We should feed two separate chunks into `#content`: The header, and then the body, separately. I'm not sure about the best way to go about doing this, so @ppawel , if you have ideas or want to just go ahead and implement this, that would be amazing.

When I asked @tomhughes about this, he said, 

> You can add common bits to views/layout/site.html.erb with yield calls to callback to content_for blocks where you need customisation. If some pages don't need it then you could add a new layout and factor common bits of that and the existing one into partials

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