[openstreetmap-website] This removes the whereami functionality. (#85)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Thu Sep 6 09:46:10 BST 2012

i could have sworn there was a trac ticket requesting the introduction of that feature, but I can't find it... I do know that it was explicitly requested - maybe it was a mailing list post rather than a ticket.

The target use case was for people who got a link to OSM from somewhere - email/irc/whatever - and clicked on it to find themselves zoomed right in to an unknown area and wanting to know where they were.

That said I have to say that I pretty much never use it myself - if I find myself in that situation then I tend to just zoom out a bit to see where I am. Checking the logs for one of the three frontends I see that it was used 96 times yesterday, so maybe somewhere around 300 times overall.

Removing any feature will, of course, be unpopular with some subset of our users ;-)

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