[openstreetmap-website] Move license attribution to standard OpenLayers control (#101)

Tom MacWright notifications at github.com
Thu Sep 20 14:14:40 BST 2012

There are two main problems I see with the current license-info presentationl.

First, it's buried - the left-links are basically 'something of everything' that should eventually be rid and/or restructured.

Second, it's really odd that other sites need text to the effect of '© OpenStreetMap Contributors' whereas the home page hides this, and any mention of ODbL or whatnot. It would be much more obvious to people if crediting OSM tiles is just a matter of doing the same credit as OSM itself has.

The idea of this being a general link to copyright & licensing; I don't really see how the two are exclusive - the attribution would link to the same page.

I'd like to split Frederick's nitpicky comments about permalinks and how he likes the old thing better into a separate discussion; we should be able to find a permalink design that works for (nearly) everyone.

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