[openstreetmap-website] Move license attribution to standard OpenLayers control (#101)

apmon notifications at github.com
Thu Sep 20 17:25:33 BST 2012

Just my personal opinion, but I would support having an attribution on the slippy map. With the current "copyright link", which I would keep, the attribution on the slippy map is (presumably) redundant and the extra attribution does clutter the map somewhat.

But precisely because the focus of osm.org isn't to provide nice maps but to encourage others to use the data, I think having the attribution on the slippy map is important. It provides a prominent example of how to correctly attribute OpenStreetMap data on a slippy map and makes therefore makes it much easier for others to copy this example and get the attribution correct on their use of osm data.

So the trade-off of cluttering the map vs the added help to others is imho worth it.

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