[openstreetmap-website] Long tag keys and values overflow the tag table (#561)

SomeoneElseOSM notifications at github.com
Mon Dec 2 18:08:20 UTC 2013

(me): The point that I was making was that the space allowed for tag values on the object display is too small for even relatively short values for some tags.  Also, I'm not convinced that truncation is a solution - the whole point of that screen is to be able to see tag values (and a tooltip won't work, since when you select the text off the page you won't get the contents of the tooltip).

Typically what I use the browse pages for is copying keys and values from, and comparing with the results of other browse pages (for example, comparing the ways in vX of a relation with vX-1) in a text editor.  If there's truncation happening, I'm not going to see all of the actual values.

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