[openstreetmap-website] Attribution mark & copyright page redesign (#246)

Michael Collinson notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 25 17:02:04 UTC 2013

OSMF License Working Group input:

As this page has a "legal" impact, we discussed the proposal at our 7th May meeting https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PI83Tx48iQn7qFJgEUAG8U7lUb1jMzu8VS4F4famseQ/pub - item 6. Apologies for not highlighting this sooner.

1) Proposed revamp of http://openstreetmap.org/copyright with (draft) http://osmlab.github.io/attribution-mark/copyright/

For us, we need it to still say what we want it to say and have the right focus, (it is after all a formal copyright page!). Comments (based on the draft on 7th May): 

- Visually appealing page is a great idea, however, it is trying to be two pages at once. 

- Too much gap at the top when first clicking on the link, it is not clear that there is text on the page!  
- The soft information “Local Knowledge” and “Community Driven” at the top should be moved to the bottom; “copyrighty” stuff MUST be prominent. 
- The text for data, cartography and use of our tiles should be clearly separated to avoid confusion.  
- The link to legal FAQ, preferably the one at osmfoundation.org, needs to go back.

2) We will support this initiative by checking that the replacement of the traditional (c) + year/entity text with “BY OSM” is indeed legally valid.

3) We will support this initiative by checking other trademarks that might overlap with "OSM" ... we do not (yet) own it and it is very short, so may be a risk.


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