[openstreetmap-website] Make iD default (clean PR) (#262)

Augustus Kling notifications at github.com
Mon May 13 19:47:17 UTC 2013

I second Frederick/woodpeck in saying that things should not be rushed. iD looks promising but has not yet reached the maturity to justify releasing it as default editor.

I could not get it to run in Firefox 20 in a way that is smooth enough to use iD. Performance in Chromium 25 is okay but tends to slow down in areas with lots of features or complex geometries. Given that this are results from an oversized development machine, I doubt the majority of users can enjoy editing with iD.
Even though the comparison is unfair due to the technology in use JOSM runs notably smoother for much larger data sets.

The main thing that speaks against promoting iD is the missing support for relations. At times one can't even see the presence of relations and thus risks to mess up data without noticing. An obvious example are route relations.

The UI is nicely done and probably makes editing possible without knowing much about OSM's data model. It would be nice though if less screen space would be wasted by whitespace. Consider moving the tags of the main editing area closer together and merge the title (for example “Editing Forest”) with the icon below. The micro-size scrollbars are a no-go because they can hardly be used – especially in the drop-down boxes.

In my opinion the known bugs that risk messing up or destroying data unintentionally should be fixed before having iD on the OSM page. Afterwards I'd love to see a more mature version of iD on OSM's page because the concept does suit beginners better than any editor I've seen before.

Instead of having a default editor OSM could present the most popular editors with a wee description when a user clicks the “Edit” tab without using the drop-down menu. Such a presentation could recommend iD for beginners and JSOM for power-users.

Can OSM shed some light into the current visitor demographics, please? Things like browser window size, browser versions, available plugins and languages should be considered before advancing forward with changing the default editor.

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