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#5028: "remeber me" keeps the user logged in
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 (based on Sabra Sharaya's report at
 wwwopenstreetmaporg help.osm.org])

 How do I get http://www.openstreetmap.org to keep me logged in? I check
 the "Remember Me" box every time I log in. If I go back to the site soon
 after that, I will still be logged in. If I close the browser, I'll be
 logged out again.

 I have cookies disabled in Firebox but I have an exception set for
 openstreetmap.org to allow cookies indefinitely.

 Tested with FF25 and chromium 30 on Linux.

 Obeservation: Looking in the cookie list shows that the cookie is still
 there after a restart (having a expiration date of roughly one month
 later). However, as soon as I go to www.openstreetmap.org it is replaced
 by a new (session lifetime only) cookie.

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