[openstreetmap-website] "Hide" for notes is unclear (#393)

emacsen notifications at github.com
Sun Nov 10 09:27:24 UTC 2013

Hide in every other system just means "Filter from me". It's the equivalent of "mute" in an email thread. 

"Delete" makes sense as the internals of "delete" is unimportant, whether it removes it from a disk or simply marks it as deleted in the database. In fact, most modern systems assume that "delete" isn't a permanent operation, since they offer "undelete" (which would be impossible if delete really meant delete). Terms for "permanent delete" are things like "wipe" or "purge".

If "Delete" is too loaded a word, how about "Remove", which is a little like Delete, except one could argue that it's just short for "Remove note from results". :)

I've found spam in the notes and then wished I could remove it, but didn't know I could until today, when I asked Paul about it.

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